Hip Hip Hooray
Niedra Gabriel
Class 3457

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Thank you loved this class, a little harsh using tennis balls. Looking forward to getting the balls shown on video.
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Thank You Niedra, I am really enjoying the work with the Franklin Balls and my body is feeling a huge difference already. Looking forward to revisiting these classes and diving even deeper!
Niedra, Thank you so much for this class! I have had a sore hip/ glute and couldn't quite figure out what my body needed to feel better. After just one session my pain levels more than halved. I'll try this a few more times the coming days! 
Dharma D always makes me so happy to read about someone getting relief from pain with this work.  Please share how it affects your hip when you repeat a few times.  Happy holidays.
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Hi Niedra  thank you for asking, my pain is gone, just after 3 repetitions of the class. I did it morning and evening for a few days. I'm sooooo glad because I was in pain for over a week and unsure what to do for it.  This saved me a trip to the physiotherapist! Happy holidays to you too!
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revisited this class as my hips - & glutes - have been soooo stuck.  Feels great, and it's now going to be on my daily radar, thank you x

Dharma D and Monica W  I am so happy to read both your comments. I am glad this work is helping, I am always blown away by how effective it is. Enjoy.
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Niedra, this is my favourite sequence in the challenge so far.......the best release for my tight left hip that I have ever experienced, brilliant!! Thank you.
So glad you are benefitting from this work Julie L  Fasscia arelease work is amazing. 
Niedra Gabriel Thank you for another excellent class.
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