Reformer Exploration
James Crader
Class 3990

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Believe it or not, this was quite the topic discussed one week ago in a workshop here in Piacenza, Italy with James Earls...exploring the walking pattern, the focus was, in short, just explore, see what happens, don't always move in a straight line but try and experience rotations and imbalances, obviously with very good anatomical knowledge he says, the rule is there are no, long story short, I do love this class. That's it.

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Filippo Thank you! I appreciate that ... and I love hearing that more and more intelligent conversation is happening (being shared and explored) around the idea of movement as a process of experiential wisdom ... just try it and let it unfold. 
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loving everything about this class :)) I love playing around and exploring. thank you James! You're always a breath of fresh air :) 
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James, thanks for opening the door to self awareness. This is pretty much what I have been doing, although not quite as exploratory as your workout. This now gives me more ways to think about my own exploration. Love all of this.....keep going !!!
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Really enjoyed this class. Loved your side planks! Nice to meet you!
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Beautiful, fun class! Thanks James! I love when someone gets playful and shakes up the old standards a bit! 😍
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This class is amazing! So fluid and delightful.
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James hello
Just a terrific all round class! Thank you

I especially enjoyed your concept of exploring intuitive movement which is oh so valuable a tool for our members/ clients! 
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Firuze I really appreciate that! Thank you!
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Lynn Thank you, friend! Yes, this one is exploration to the next degree ... I wanted people to visually SEE possibility. 
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