Full-Body Tower
Delia Buckmaster
Class 4033

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Delia that was fantastic! Thank you so much!!!
Wow Thank you Delia for an amazing all body workout, great calm clear cues preps and transitions. Lovely creative variations, I loved the ab series with legs on the PTB, loved the parakeet rollover teaser flow and the boomerang. boomerang was challenging to find the bar as I'm short, I had to shift forward and really reach to catch the bar. I will try the class again and see if it improves. Million thanks, my body feels great after the workout. 
Sooo so inspirational!!!
Thank you so much for this!! 
This is the best tower workout and instruction on the site. 
Very nice
Great class! I love the creative and athletic options on the tower. It felt challenging but empowering and sparked some fresh ideas. Thanks Delia!
Phenomenal class Delia. I loved how you built exercises and loved having a simple equipment set up. It was very thorough for all body parts and I felt so connected to my core throughout. Thank you!
Great class Delia!  Sometimes I find there's a lot of equipment changes with the Tower but this flowed so nicely. Loved it, as I do with all your classes on Pilates Anytime. Happy, Thank you, More Please! :)
I loved this!! I'll be repeating it a few times as there are a few exercises I feel I can get better in but overall it's what I needed!
Who wouldn’t want more!? Thank you!
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