Full-Body Tower
Delia Buckmaster
Class 4033

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Awesome! I loved the a series with the push thru bar as a teaching tool! Also I liked the hip work standing and I’ve never planked like that with the strap around my leg! Always love to learn something new - what moves do you suggest to do if everytime I squat I feel my right sitz bone flicking around in the joint? It highlighted my imbalances which is good! 
You are fantastic!! Thank you for this amazing class
I love the focus on spine neutral as well as spinal flexion, and hip extension as well as flexion.  It’s a better balance, getting the glutes to work, not just the abdominals. Evening it out, helps to get rid of the posterior hip syndrome pain. I love the squat and lunge variations. They are very helpful. I also really liked the way you taught the round back squat with only a small knee bend - a mini squat. 
Wow amazing Tower workout with pushthru bar.   Have not mastered the boomerang/jacknife section ... future goals!
I really enjoyed the class the combination of mat exercise and the flow was really great.
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