Balancing The Spine<br>Rachel Taylor Segel<br>Class 4416

Balancing The Spine
Rachel Taylor Segel
Class 4416

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Thank you, Rachel and student for this class. I love the form and execution, very good! And: with mask, wow. 
I liked the moment you took to feel before and after the One Leg Circles, with the knee into the chest. Such a noticeable difference! 
Oh, I forgot to mention: also the prep work for the Spine Stretch was great! Always searching, exploring and learning...
Michele B
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So thankful to you and PA for this series! So much to learn and explore!
Thank you All!!! I’m so happy to do this and share and discover- our bodies are the most amazing orchestra and pilates is theory and instruments in one(-:  I’m so looking forward to putting together more of the mechanics! Rachel
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Such knowledge ! Great prep for the exercises I learnt a lot thank you x 
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So many nuggets of gold here from a true master of the work! I have been an extremely lucky student of Rachel's for over 15 years and love her continuous curiosity and deepening of the feelings behind, between and within the work, just - BRAVA!!!!💗
Andy M
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Rachel Taylor Segel Such a natural teacher. You are a gift to our industry.
🙏🙏  We are so lucky to teach Pilates aren’t we?!!
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Slow paced class with lots of cuing and helpful information. I wore 5 lb leg weights which worked well for me. I like this format where the instructor explains everything while carefully monitoring a student. i had fun, got a nice workout, and feel much better. Thanks Rachel:) 

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As always, Rachel, I love the way your mind works! Did this at the end of a long day and my spine feels heavenly....Thank you! 
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