Deepen your Practice<br>Monica Wilson<br>Class 531

Deepen your Practice
Monica Wilson
Class 531

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I really appreciate Monica's classic training and cues. Taking the time to really teach to the individual body in front of you (Rebecca) is key to her understanding the work and her body. The Jackknife cue regarding the hips coming up to a diagonal really spoke to me as a teacher. I am always trying new and improved cues when teaching overhead exercises to achieve the goal of moving the hips first, not the feet or legs. Thank you for the great attention to detail and being precise, it is so important in Pilates.
Wonderful teacher. Great attention to detail- Thanks
Agreed, loved the detailed cues to help deepen the practice to the next level.
This was my first class since joining and I loved it! The cues were extremely helpful. Thank you!
monica, I thoroughly enjoyed this class. I felt you were teaching me so much more, cues were great, instructions- very good. thanks a million. blanche.
WoW. This is my absolute favorite mat class featured on pilates anytime. Amazing teaching skills- I learned alot here, esp. the extra awareness for spine stretch foward, single/double leg kick (with thighs off the mat!) and jacknife. Mahalo Monica!

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