Fluid Full-Body Mat<br>Amy Havens<br>Class 542

Fluid Full-Body Mat
Amy Havens
Class 542

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Loved the class and your deliberate faster pace.
Fabulous! Thank you for the Horseback and the Crab!! I always want to teach crab- now I have some great pointers to help out with the exercise! Thank you!!!!
Hi Elaine.........yes, I'm trying to offer more classes that move a bit quicker. I just get so busy cueing sometimes that I let things slow down. I appreciate your feedback and encouragement to "keep it moving"!
Laurel, yes the Horseback was fun wasn't it? We need to thank our mentors for that one!! What specifically about The Crab worked for you, I'm curious about that. Others have difficulty to so if I knew what worked for you, perhaps that would also be what works for others. I appreciate your feedback!
this is a fantastic class. vow, it was soooo good. thank you for sharing it with us. blanche.
Thank you so much Blanche!!
Fantastic pure sequencing. Loved "one piece of steel from head to heel" - esp from a Steelers household. Also can't wait to incorporate horseback & your Side Leg Series transition with pulsing reach. Thank you....cheers!
I do love the traditional order of the Matwork too! Thanks always for your wonderful and positive feedback Jennifer!
Once again the workout doesn't dissapoint! Great class, teaching and cues are spot on as usual. Love the faster pace because it allows time for more exercises.
Thank you Valerie! I'm enjoying offering faster paced classes as well so keep watching, there will be more! Happy Holidays!
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