Lat & Quad Reformer<br>Mariska Breland<br>Class 5464

Lat & Quad Reformer
Mariska Breland
Class 5464

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Includes some helpful single leg squat work. Video might benefit from text overlay with guidance on springs since there were a couple of places where spring settings were not specified.
Ditto$ja">J A Roseanne P - I’m so sorry! Usually I say them. For the squats, it was always 1 red or 1 blue. I personally do it in one blue. 
Thank you Mariska for getting back.  Have a good night.
Aly M
Hey there, could you please specify what half a spring is in colours? Is it  a blue? Which spring did you use for the standing rows facing shoulder pads? Thank you 
Aly M
Hey can please mention which springs you used for ab work and pistol squats. What is add a few springs exactly?
Aly M sorry - 1 blue or red depending on what feels sufficiently supportive and challenging, which will depend mostly on the size of the person. We used 1 blue. 
Suzanee W
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Bit disappointed to get to the end and discover I needed an infinity bar, could this be in the description please?  Thanks 

Suzanee W I’ll see if PA can add it to their description. I saved it all for the end so people without this type of reformer could do an entire (but shorter) class just eliminating the final infinity bar exercises. I can say that I don’t have any other classes using this reformer on the site. 
Michele M
Very fun and great challenge for balance work too! I used the tower for some of those exercises since my Reformer does not have an Infinity bar.  Thank you for sharing:D
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