Colour of springs / Reformer videos

Hello, I have a peak pilates reformer, the springs have different colours than in pilatesanytime videos. Colours peak pilates reformer: Yellow-blue-red-blue-yellow What are the colours of the pilatesanytime Reformer: ?-?-?-?-? Thank you Anni from germany
Hi Anna-Lena, most of our Reformer classes are filmed on a Balanced Body Studio Reformer with Red, Blue, Green and Yellow Springs. 
Thank you, can you tell me what colour has what power at the balanced body studio reformer?

My Peak Pilates Reformer:
Blue - soft /
Yellow - medium/
Red - strong /

Balanced Body Studio Reformer:
? Colour? - soft /
?colour? - medium /
? Colour? - strong /

Thank you a lot !

Hi Anna-Lena

Balanced Body Springs are from lightest to strongest in this order: yellow, blue, red, green. For more information please go here. 
Thank you a lot noelle !!!

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