How much does Pilates Anytime cost? (FAQs)

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Hi all,
Noticed a $18 charge from Braintree, are you using this service now?
Kimberly ~ Yes, you are correct! Braintree is our payment processing system.


is the monthly payment the only option? Are you planning to introduce, say, quarterly/half-yearly/yearly payments?

Also, I couldn't find any information regarding how many devices can be used at a time while logged in to PilatesAnytime?

Hi Karolina

We offer a yearly subscription of $216 per request and you are not limited by the number of devices that can login to Pilates Anytime. Roku is limited to 3 devices. If more than one person is using your account then contact us about Team memberships at

Hi Noelle!

Thanks for your reply :)

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