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There are no words, to sum up, all the thoughts and feelings going through me right now. First, thank you for being so vulnerable to share this. Thank you for letting us all in. Thank you for showing up every day as you are and I thank God and the Universe that you are alive. That you continue to do your thing. So much love for you. xx~LL
Thank you Lesley Logan.
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Thank you, Kristi Cooper , for being so brave to share your story and for finding the courage to keep dancing. I hear you on being angry with the universe at times - heck I was there just last week as a matter of fact! Sending you a huge hug, xoxo
Dear Kristi,
I had no idea what you were/are going through. My heart goes out to you. I can't imagine going through life everyday with head pain. I have migraines periodically and thank god they do go away. I am sending thoughts of love and healing to you-thank you for sharing and for all that you have brought to all of us who love Pilates and love you! Let me know if there is anything you need. I am happy to help.
Thank you Sherri Betz and Christine Pieton. I finally believe I will get to a place where I can predictably trust my abilities and know to rest when I should. That said, it was only yesterday when I was surprised once again...
Most days I'd rather no one know how hard it has been for me. So many people seem to move through a concussion easier and much quicker than I have managed to, that even I sometimes question the reality of how I feel and what is happening in my brain. Then, I find a forum, or one story that isn't like mine, but close enough to mine that lets me know I am not alone. I want someone else to know they are not alone too. I will call on you Sherri if/when I need to. Thank you, so much.
Christine, even in my angriest moments directed at the Universe, I somehow fall back on knowing that I am of it, part of the whole of the Universe. Then I remember that fact means the Universe can't be in opposition to me. It literally cannot be against me. And, I still loathe people telling me "The universe must have a plan for you." I'll expand on that later...
Kristi Cooper I am glad to see that you received hyperbaric O2 treatment. I recently treated a surfer after a cervical fracture who had a concussion/TBI and he received the hyperbaric chamber treatment and he reported that it helped a great deal.
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Kristi Cooper Thank you for sharing your story here and in the PMA newsletter. Let me just say that I am sorry for your fall and the pain. I respect and honor that you face new challenges everyday. I encourage you to continue to be patient with yourself. It is so hard to go from version 1.0 of yourself to version 2.0. This I understand! My circumstances and experience are different from yours. But I feel you are traveling a path I've journeyed. I learned to keep being honest with myself, to keep an open mind and heart and to be patient in the process that is one step forward and a couple of steps back. Just as 1.0 took time to become 1.0, 2.0 will take time to become 2.0. Don't limit 2.0 to a slightly different version of 1.0! Stay open to all possibilities and truths as you patiently move forward. Part 1 of 3.
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Kristi Cooper It seems like a great time to tell you how Pilates Anytime has impacted my life. I am a former triathlete and triathlete coach. Through a couple of accidents and injury I found myself unable to swim, bike or run. I ended up not even being able to vacuum our little house. I wasn't who I was and took a long journey to become my 2.0. Pilates Anytime played a huge role in this. I took a sabbatical from work and we lived on one income. I couldn't afford pilates lessons and I needed private. I was too big a mess for even a duo. So, I decided that since I have a background in understanding the body and NO ONE could tell me my problem Dr.'s, mir's, etc). I would begin to study how to heal myself. I watched videos over and over again and taught myself Pilates (the best you can at home by yourself) with nearly no prior Pilates experience. This was in 2012 I believe. part 2 of 3
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Part 3 of 4. Now, it is 2017 and I am never going to be who I was as an athlete but I am pain free and getting stronger as I continue to practice Pilates. I am now a Pilates teacher and I am now able to take private lessons. Because of my journey from 1.0 to 2.0, I have found that God has improved on 1.0! As I've traveled the path, prayed and sought to understand...I am now able to seen new purposes, influence and Impact I can have to help others that I wouldn't be able to do in version 1.0. the journey is long and difficult and I wouldn't begin to tell you "I understand"...
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