My Story of Recovery After TBI (Blog)

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Healing, dearest heart, is one of the most courageous aspects of our human journey. To know in body and mind that something is amiss and needs adjusting. From an extreme introvert to another . . . you have courage beyond yourself to share your story and this is the most immense part of healing . . . to accept frailty and know there is one moment after the next. My deepest love to who you are in all parts of you.
Ken Gilbert, as my long time colleague and friend, your words mean so much to me. Thank you so much.
Cecile Bankston, I remember being with you (to the extent you could be with anyone) during one of your migraines. I have such an appreciation for what the recurrence of them must cause for you and your loved ones. I hope the headaches have become easier to manage over time. Sending you love too.
I think I understand Sarah . Let's both choose joy tomorrow okay?
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OMG. I cried. I suffered severe TBI when i was 21. I became a Peak Pilates Instructor very recently, i am 54.  I can't believe how much I love Pilates.  I cannot believe HOW HARD it is to think and remember and expand on the beautiful magical words of movement to my clients. It is so hard. And Kristi, you made me cry, realizing that i still have a brain injury, (As I forget sometimes, thats good right?.) Although you give me hope , I CAN DO THIS. We can do this!
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