What Springs Should I Use? (FAQs)

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I’m a certified classical instructor . I recently purchased a Peak wood studio reformer , with 4 springs (yellow, yellow, blue, red) included . I was trained Gratz , and am curious if you know the difference between one yellow spring (which is “regular /full” for Peak) is similar or equivalent to one spring on a Gratz  Reformer . I also had a client recently ask the question, “How much weight is each spring exactly ?” I could only answer how they differ from one another ; I didn’t have an exact conversion to pounds which was the answer she was looking for . 
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I've looked at all the information I can find on the site regarding spring comparison between BB and Stott and in one post Kristi says the full weight springs on Stott are comparable to the red springs on BB, but Gia's post says green- can you clarify? Thanks for this information. I am new to reformer work and just purchased a Stott machine but would like to continue using Pilates Anytime.  While I understand the thought behind instructors describing how it should feel to the individual user instead of relying on the spring setup, I simply don't trust that I have enough experience to accurately associate the description given to what I'm feeling.  Not sure that makes sense in writing... :)
I have an aeropilates with 4 black cords. I recently bought 2 red cords and a yellow cord. I am thinking about arranging my cords so that I have one red, two black and one yellow. How would these cords correspond to the reformers
 you use on the videos? I’m often confused as to how many cords I should be using. Thank you.
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Hi Gina, I would recommend starting off with videos that use the AeroPilates Reformer as they explain a little bit more about the set up and how to use it in relation to the reformers used in other videos. You can find the videos here.
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I would appreciate spring information as well.  I use a BASI Systems reformer and Wunda Chair and would very much like to understand how the BASI springs can be adjusted to match the Gratz springs or, alternately, the Balanced Body springs.  Thank you very much for any information  you can provide.  

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