Understand Spine Extension<br>Karen Sanzo<br>Tutorial 686

Understand Spine Extension
Karen Sanzo
Tutorial 686

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Thank you for solutions to help a large portion of the main stream folks and for others to be more aware of what it should feel like without the prop.
Thank you Karen. This is such a common stumbling block for so many in Pilates. I will be using this straightforward approach with some of my students today!
Once again, a very simple, easy solution, to be prone and not work into your disfunction. Excellent hip flexor stretch especially for someone with bad knees or total knee. Excellent cues and demonstration.When you said,"shoot out like a rocket", I thought of like a guy getting shot out of a cannon at a circus. Thanks again!
I dont have use of a Cadillac. How can I teach this on the Mat only? I see a lot of students struggle in Prone & I am stumped at how to correct them as no matter how much I assist or teach they don't get it.
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super helpful! Thank you Karen Sanzo and PA
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Love how you break things down because most people need that!!!! 
Thank you so much! So insightful!
Cynthia G
Thanks Karen.  It is so logical when seen here on the video, why didn't the light bulb come on for me earlier.  So appreciated.
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