Back Care Workshop
Brent Anderson
Workshop 645

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Thank you Brent Anderson. would be my pleasure. 
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million thanks Gia Calhoun.  
How can I purchase this class. What is your web site ? I can’t understand
Hi Alona, you can purchase this workshop on our website by going to the Back Care Workshop and selecting Buy Now in red on the right hand corner of the screen. If you have any further questions please email us at
I just bought this workshop and I would have loved to ses more pictures of what you were teaching. I also thought that the classe on the reformer would be an other one  then the one on line so I pas a bit disapionted. Damaris from Geneva
Fabulous workshop, I agree with some other comments as a mat class or even small equipment would have been very beneficial.  Otherwise I honestly felt I had my money’s worth by the first 10 minutes!  Thankyou Brent 
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