Mat Movement Mechanics<br>Kristi Cooper<br>Class 742

Mat Movement Mechanics
Kristi Cooper
Class 742

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Yes you may Monika! I see that I really have not done a fitness ball class other than the recent one with Meredith. Thanks for the suggestion!
So richly rewarded for making a search for a level 2 overball class this morning. How I wish my overball hadn't bounced out of the car down (way down!) a San Francisco street a couple of weeks ago. I would have loved to take this class each night while driving from southern California to British Columbia. Both Kristi's cues and the work were splendidly nuanced. Ironically I missed this class being posted in June 2012 becaue it was the week my 97 year old father died. He had been at my side during my first ever Pilates class just a few years earlier. :)
Wow Joni! thank you for sharing all of this. The image of one of those overballs bouncing down Franklin or any other steep street of SF makes me lol! To know that your father was at your side during your first Pilates class is just awesome! I'm glad you found this class. ox
As this is a class of 2012 I don't know if your mom is still with you, but I highly appreciated this training because right now my mother is struggeling with cancer and I liked to get my head clear with these exercises but still have her on my mind somehow. Thanks, Kristi.
Thank you, Kristi! Had not taken this class for a few years now and came back to it today.  Went by so quickly.  Thanks for the great variations.
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