Support the Arms Mat<br>Madeline Black<br>Class 797

Support the Arms Mat
Madeline Black
Class 797

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Marta M
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Amazing! Madeline thank you very much for this Amazing class, i wish I was one of your Student! My shoulder now is much more released from tension, my neck felt free out of pain!
Madeline Black you are an amazing teacher. Thank you again
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Love this class. Have just watched it for a second time and can't say that about THAT many classes - the first time was only yesterday too! Thank you for sharing your expertise.
I love Madeleine's work, but this class was disappointing. I had a really hard time following it - as it seems was the case with some of the students in the video too - as the details were just not visible to me and half the time I didn't know what exactly I was supposed to do. The concepts of rotating/rolling elbows/shoulders outward/inward seemed a bit mixed up and the cues not precise enough so that I actually understood what I was supposed to do. I probably didn't end up doing things right as the release I've experienced in other classes hasn't happened. A frustrating experience!
Madeline Black
Julia R Thank you for expressing your frustration. Not all cues work for everyone, this is a video and now cannot be changed. A live class, I would be able to articulate it differently to match how you perceive and move. Perhaps, watching it through once without moving, listen and watch me, may help you find the movement in your body. If there is one or two movements especially challenging in terms of your understanding and feeling it, focus on those, Try it differently to see how your body responds. I know for myself, I need to repeat movements and figure out for my mind how to embody the movement. It is not necssarily what the teacher is verbalizing. I hope this helps.
Thank you for your response, Madeline Black! :) I appreciate it. Maybe I will try it again in the future, but now I know that for a "quick fix" I should turn to a workout I already know ;) Thank you again!
Madeline Black
Julia R exactly, move with what you know and dig into something unknown! Best to you.
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