Cadillac Mobility<br>Michael King<br>Class 773

Cadillac Mobility
Michael King
Class 773

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Heidi A
Fantastic class and excellent instruction. It's such a liberating way to start the day. Thank you!
Is it possible for more cadillac classes from Michael;)
Watching Michael King , you realise how many things there are more to learn... what a great teacher , with so clear instructions in every move....thank you so much !!
Thank you for all the great comments !
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DELICIOUS!!!!! This is exactly what I needed today. My entire mood and body has shifted in the best possible way. This will be a go-to- for me on the daily or when I can't get a full practice session in for myself each day. Many thanks (:
This is a Classic! 
Always a great one to keep coming back to! ;)
Beautiful, very nice!
Love this class feels so good thanks
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