Morning Mat<br>Amy Taylor Alpers<br>Class 826

Morning Mat
Amy Taylor Alpers
Class 826

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Hi Amy I started doing this class. It's doing my clicking bone lots of goodness. Hope to see you soon in Dubai .
Lots of love
Excellent delivery, every cue gave my body and mind something more to do, exploring new options and reaching new possibilities. OUTSTANDING :)
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This is the best pilates mat class I have taken on this site. I would love it if Amy were to have more of her mat classes available on this site. Really fantastic class by a teacher who really knows the body.
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Whoa ! What a way to start the day! Life changing Amy.
( and this is the second time I have done this video…if I could do this a couple of times a week in 2014 what a year it will be!!
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I really enjoyed this workout !
Erica V
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Thank you so much, Amy! This was one of the best classes I attended at PA. So much more than just exercises: amazing.
Never, really, did my single leg kicks so easily. I was surprised by it, and thinking, I have to tell her, haha! A big thanks from Holland!
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This is my favorite of all the videos on Anytime Pilates!
I thought you had removed it and I was planning on letting you and them know how unfortunate that was! This is something I go back to often!
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Thanks, Amy! I really enjoyed every bit of this class. Swimming right after rocking position made for the most open feeling "swim" in my body - loved it!
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