Dance-ilates Fusion<br>Jillian Hessel<br>Class 837

Dance-ilates Fusion
Jillian Hessel
Class 837

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Yaffa M
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love that lady ... she is one with her craft ... beautiful work .. thank you
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@Jilian Hessel: I love this class.
What type of music is the first song? It energizes me.
Love to have more danceilates courses with that energising music!
Hi Zoe, I had to buy music, in order to have the rights, when I planned out the workout. The workout was originally produced as a DVD, but they would not allow me to use the word Pilates in the Title, so it didn't do well commercially. (It was called "Homebody"--I'm sure you could still find it, used, on Amazon! Thank goodness, PA offered me the chance to video the Workout again for their site, or it would be lost forever! The opening music is called Glittering World, but I no longer remember who composed it, sorry!
This class is so much fun, love the background music as well. 
Beautiful sequence, music and energy, Jillian, it made my day. Thank you so much!
Cheryl Z
perfect sequence after a long day
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