Cadillac for Menopause
Carolyne S.
Class 891

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Loved this. Thank you Carolyne. Slightly confused by the last exercise. Can you clarify foot position etc. I'd love to get it as I feel it will really help me. ??
HI Naz, of course. Place one foot in the center of the bar in parallel. place the other foot across the center foot to the end of the bar. You will press with the foot at the end of the bar to create the rotation.I hope this makes sense.
Carolyne Anthony why do you exhale on the way up with the back extension on the Pilates Arc? I've been taught through my school to inhale when we extend the spine or if it's been compressed.
Thank you Carolyne Anthony I love that exercise you use at 26 minutes! your client says that's hard! and your reply was "that's why we're doing it!" that's something I would say hahaha
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