Pilates For Children<br>Brett Howard<br>Workshop 820

Pilates For Children
Brett Howard
Workshop 820

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Hi Jamie
I have just been asked to teach Pilates to our local pre-school of 3-5 year olds.
what would you suggest I do. I am a trained Pilates teacher, though I feel they are a little your to teach, though it would be fun to work with them.
Should I stick to the more Yoga inspired poses/exercises Sharee
Once purchased, is this workshop accessible for ever?
Rachel P
I know this is an older video, but I just purchased it and the workshop handout link is not working. I’m very excited to view this workshop!
Ami E
hello, as with the above comment i am unable to see the handout, it says link unavaiable
So inspiring, thank you for this wonderful workshop!
This was a fantastic  workshop and Brett is an amazing teacher. I really wanted MORE so Im buying the book co authored by Brett and hope it elaborates on all the things talked about and demonstrated. Thanks for the informative fun
I have a question Brett, at what age would you start a child on equipment? I have someone who wants their 9yr old son who has never done pilates to work on the tower as they think this piece of equipment would inspire him to work out. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance
Elaine O
Good morning Brett, I have just joined Pilatesanytime and I am interested in your workshops 820 and 1038.  Before I sign up I wanted to find out when the next workshop is available. Thank you . 
Elaine O ~ Thank you for your forum post. We hope you're enjoying Pilates Anytime so far! These two workshops are available for you to purchase at any time. Once you purchase them, you will always have access to them, even if you pause or cancel your account. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at support@pilatesanytime.com.
Elaine O
Thank you !!
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