Achieving The Athletic Edge<br>Rael Isacowitz<br>Workshop 1052

Achieving The Athletic Edge
Rael Isacowitz
Workshop 1052

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It was my bad...the info is there. I was using my app instead of going online. Thanks for your responses.
Annie G
This workshop is amazing Thank you Rael. It is always a pleasure to listen to you.
I could watch Rael teach all day long! There are so many gems in this workshop. Taking the already familiar exercises and bringing my understanding of them to another level. Thank you, Rael, for your expertise and willingness to share your knowledge. The information in this workshop is great, no only for the athletes we may have the opportunity to work with, but for any body that we are honored to teach. I am so glad I chose this workshop. It is a true treasure.
Dear Annie, thank you for your wonderful words, they truly mean a lot to me. I am so pleased you found the workshop informative and helpful.
My dearest Real- oh how I could listen to you teach all day! What a fantastic workshop! Each time I take a workshop, audit a module, or take a session with you I'm always amazed at what I learn. I'm truly grateful for the opportunity to learn just a little more from you! This entire workshop brought such a smile to my face watching you and the amazing Sheri! I feel like I am home! I've just recently moved and have been neglecting my own practice during the transition and now I feel inspired and renewed of energy for both my own movement and to teach others! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!
Thank you so much Hillary, the feelings are mutual, you continue to amaze me and inspire me. I look forward to seeing you again soon.
Thank you so much Rael for sharing your knowledge, that was an amazing workshop. Very useful for my work.
You are welcome Julian. I hope it helps in getting you and your athletes to peak performance.
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