One Spring Reformer<br>Portia Page<br>Class 1076

One Spring Reformer
Portia Page
Class 1076

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Wonderful class, Amazing what you can fit into 20 min.
LOVED this!!! Great class!
lovely way to wake up!
Can't believe how mean she was to Meredith, seemed to be riding her the whole time and rude.
Hi Sarah Wright,
I not sure what you are referring to as this class (Reformer 1076) is myself teaching to Erika Quest & Lizbeth Garcia. Were you referring to another video? or if this one, could you be more specific?
Thank you,
Portia Page
In the favorites you go!!
Perfect as an add on to my cardio today. Also added on a 10 min arm workout. Thanks! Would love to see more like this!
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