Pilates Arc Workout
Amy Havens
Class 1070

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Wonderful Barbara L !!!  Did you have any favorite exercises?  Joanna G , you're so welcome and I love that you enjoyed those exercises!  Thanks for being here with me gals!
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I like the extensions and the quite demanding chest lift/curl up. 👍🏻
Thank you Barbara L  and glad you liked the extensions and found some demanding exercises here!
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Amazing class love it thank you 
Thank you so much Joann B !!
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I have bicep tendon and shoulder injury. I've done some PT and it focuses on my shoulder to no avail BUT when I do spine corrector I get some relief and much more mobility. I am beginning to think my issue is my back and my shoulder is just doing the crying. Your class was just more proof supporting my theory. This is another reason I love Pilates. Movement does heal. 
Candace so good to see you!!!!  I know for sure that my shoulder 'stuff' has been due in part to limited thoracic mobility so I focus so much on that area of my body to help free up my shoulders.  I wasn't given a lot of mobility in my spine and upper body so thank goodness for the Spine Corrector!!
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