Prenatal Side Lying Flow<br>Leah Stewart<br>Class 1158

Prenatal Side Lying Flow
Leah Stewart
Class 1158

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The class was great although I have been 6monthes post natal
But it was som kin d of challenging a pit will down????
Really great upper thoracic work!
I decided to do this class on a day when I was experiencing quite severe anterior pelvic girdle pain. I focused on the movements that didn't cause pain (which was everything except the sitting positions). Instantly I felt my body enjoying the movement. By the next day my pain more than halved. I repeated the class and again felt my body instantly strengthening and the pain lessening. I'll report back in a few days after repeating it. My Pelvis and I are appreciate your creativity! :)
Fabulous! Loved this class. Great variations
Thank you so much for this great series, although I am Prenatal trained, there are some fresh ideas to help my student who is 27 weeks this week. She loves our classes even more now.
Thea L
Amazing the things you can do during pregnancy, very creative and massive 'feel good factor'! Thumbs up!
Miriam W
This class is great for the 3rd trimester or as an additional class during the first and second trimester. I'm in my first trimester and don't think it was challenging enough. It's more stretch and pelvic floor work but not a complete exercise /workout. 
Jess H
I love this class and I’m finding it’s really helping me to mobalise my body during my third trimester and I feel like I’ve worked by entire body. I do love your classes Leah, you give great cues and visualisation which help make sure I’m moving my body correctly as well as having fun with the movement.
Creegan F
There’s Graham in here you goddess!
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