Strong and Long Mat
Kara Wily
Class 1215

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Kara, I joined this website especially to get lessons from you. I am working with a bunch of injuries stemming from a broken pelvis thirty years ago and hoping Pilates will help strengthen my core which I've protected foR too long. Your teaching is amazing and thanks for the cues to lengthen which I greatly need!
Carolyn thanks so much for writing to me. I have been thinking about you a lot. I hope you continue to do Pilates and continue to feel better and better. Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help you in your pursuit. I think you are awesome!
Great class, love the standing side kick and connection to floor, thanks!

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Rachel love those too.  I think you might have danced too.  Once I had an appreciation (read:did not hate) standing exercises in  dance class, I really enjoyed all the training more.  They sure are exercises, but you get to move and feel the forces of gravity and momentum, and experience your body navigating the many challenges, hell of a lot more fun than just trying to pinch your seat!
Thanks, Kara- this was a challenging traditional class - loved your additional suggestions for extra challenges.  The full swan when starting from the ground versus up on the arms - wow have not done that in a while! Thanks again!
Marissa thanks for messaging me and sorry for my delay.  The swan and anything that engages my back, extension, etc I have just been gobbling up lately, so you helped remind me of this variation too.  I hope you are good and strong in the time of Covid and I hope you are getting out and enjoying a bit more lately.  Cheers and thanks for taking the time to message me. Best, Kara
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