Transition-Focused Mat<br>Rachel Taylor Segel<br>Class 1149

Transition-Focused Mat
Rachel Taylor Segel
Class 1149

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Thank you Rachel, that was amazing! My postnatal body did things it hasn't done in a LONG time! :)
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Such delicious, poetic, almost philosophical cues, and yet, so richly physical. The pinnacle. Thank you Rachel!
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Second great class with Rachel. Just love her style of teaching.
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Great balance of flow and explanation through cueing. Especially liked the style of asking questions, a nice change from commands, thereby inviting curiosity, deeper mind-body connection.
Andy M
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Oh Rachel Taylor Segel! You really such a gifted and wonderful teacher. That was just what the dr ordered. I really loved it. Love and miss you and your teaching!
Kathryn Macdonald
Thank you Rachel, I loved this class. So smooth with transitions.
Thank you! I think transitions are the in- mined arena of body mechanics/movements. The time during our normal day to day activities that we don’t train or even pay attention and  therefore most likely to be a time of potential injury. Anyway, thanks for watching and commenting (-:   R
Ryanin B
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Great class. The cues were great for focus and transitions nice and smooth. Thank you. 
Very interesting class - I enjoyed the cues about anticipating the "moment before the move" - never heard that before and it was fascinating to observe how that changed the dynamic.
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