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Kathy Grant
Class 1244

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love this class...adore the fan kick!
Love this, amazing lady!
WOW!!!! For those of us who were not fortunate to be there this was a delicious TREAT. Thank you Cara Reeser and PA for making this possible
great to see a master teacher at work! what year is this video from?
Thank you! :)
This is an amazing class. Thank you for sharing. I'm working on my fan kick xx
this is gold
Brilliant to watch and learn thanks!
Amazing video with a beautiful woman. I love this video
In loving memory of Kathy Grant. 
It was a honor to have the opportunity to do this pilates’ video. Kathy Grant’s amazing legacy as a first Generation Pilates Instructor and her contributions to Dance to Theatre of Harlem.
Velma Davis-Wheeler, PT, DPT, CPI
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