The Story Of My Song<br>Kathy Grant<br>Documentary 1247

The Story Of My Song
Kathy Grant
Documentary 1247

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This was absolutely phenomenal. Feeling so inspired right now!
Thank you, Cara, for making and sharing with us this beautiful and moving documentary. Super inspiring and warm and thank you all so much.
Milada Delekiene
Thank you, WONDERUL!
Loved this xx
Lia F
What a wonderful documentary !!! Inspiring and enlightening ! Thank you !
Emily  M
Thanks for this wonderful tribute to Kathy Grant. I think you should correct "Pearl Bailey" referred her to Joseph Pilates, to "dancer Pearl Lang" in the description on this page
This sent me thru different emotions.  I am honored to have the ability to watch this and I now have a better understanding of who she was and her contribution to Pilates.  Thank you, Cara Reeser!  This is inspiring. 
Thank you for this beautiful documentary. Inspired by her determination to seek solutions, share her intuitive knowledge and open the door for each person to figure themselves out in their bodies. Taking Joe's fundamentals as a student but finding her own voice and character in her teaching opens the opportunity in each of us to explore who WE are as individuals in this legacy of Pilates. Excited to dive deeper with you next week in California. 
Knockout Piates
Wonderful documentary, thank you so much for this valuable content! If anyone is reading this, there's an error in the video description - it says Pearl Bailey referred Kathy to Joe Pilates, but the documentary clarifies that it was Pearl Lang who did so.  
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Knockout Piates ~ Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We have updated the description to include information about Pearl Lang rather than Pearl Bailey. I'm so glad to hear that you enjoyed this documentary!
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