High-Energy Mat
Meredith Rogers
Class 292

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Revisiting a favorite (both the class and the teacher) ...if you are looking for a class that has it all (minus the teaser) then this one is a great way to begin your year. ps: Check out Meri's "dance" moves on the 2014 video. Going to teach us how to do that undulating fish like move?
Thanks Joni! The fish is easy...just wiggle ;)
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Super flowing class, also impressive flowing commentary with great guidance and cueing, I also have a new favorite class. Thank you
Thanks, Tova!
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A favorite class that continues to challenge. Does anyone else marvel that Meri talks/guides/instructs through exercises the rest of us are just delighted to even DO?? Had to take class using a phone today and never once even missed the screen thanks to her clear guidance!!!
You are so sweet. I love so much that you are revisiting these older classes. This was a really early one...
I appreciate your love and support so much and hope that I will get to see you in person again very soon. xxoos
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revisiting this class AGAIN and finding it still has a bit of everything (minus the teaser) and still very much challenges. There is a reason this is in my "favorites" lol
Joni YOU are my favorite.
Are you complaining the class is missing the teaser or celebrating??
Happy holidays to you.
Hope to see you up my way again soon. xoxoxo
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