Before the Hundred<br>Cara Reeser<br>Tutorial 1198

Before the Hundred
Cara Reeser
Tutorial 1198

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Can't believe I didn't sit to view this til now. I was honored to meet KG! I LOVE, love, love any Cara Reeser workshops I am fortunate to attend. Thank you so much. Always educational and yet so very fun.
Trish K
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love it. I will continue to re watch this till I get it all
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WOWWOWWOW! Profound! This changes everything! :)
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Brilliant! In polestar we do a buzzing sound and I love making these "noises to connect opposite rib to connect "seatbelt", cross pattern connections. Enjoyed humming down I feel the sounds really help to get deeper more controlled connections. thanks again
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Thank you so much for this video.  The amount of detail has really spoken to me.  I'm on a journey to really make my teaching better and your gift has been inspiring.  
Sonia P
I have been having loading problems if I try to watch the same class twice the same day. First time around it goes smoothly, second time around (same room, same internet connection) the video just doesn't load and keeps stopping every 30 seconds.... Kind of frustrating, because second time aroun that's when I am trying to do the class....
The song is magical !!!  
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