Advanced Wunda Chair<br>Kelli B.<br>Class 1270

Advanced Wunda Chair
Kelli B.
Class 1270

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Excellent workout and wonderfully cued. One suggestion, side bars for the chairs help to support oneself. Thank you for your great instruction. I really learned a lot.
Me encanto!!!
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Hey Kelli, hadn't watched this in awhile, it's SUCH a good class! Perfect amount of challenge in a short time and yes I did climbing down front, not great but still doable! xoxoxo
love the tricep lifting theme, my first class with you, was fantastic, thanks Kelli
Super fun to see Amy and Rachel working the chair with the rest of us! Overall this class was very good but I'm still not digging so many "Good job girls" and its many variations. It feels disrespectful as it's been MANY years since I was a girl. I can get over it since it's such a good class, but I also noticed it while doing your reformer class.
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What a great class! I loved the sequence of exercises and it's "fun" variations! I really enjoyed all your helpful cues. Thanks!
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