Core Coordination Mat<br>Wendy L.<br>Class 1297

Core Coordination Mat
Wendy L.
Class 1297

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thank you, Barbara and Rachel....yes, that is what I notice too....when we take the time to "connect" with our essence and the world around us, we can love and be loved, which is a primal human desire. Thank you both for joining me on this journey, xwendy
Hi Wendy,

Thanks for a great class! On my learning journey, I'm coming up with a few inquiries, I would love to have your perspective from your experience:
Is it necessary or beneficial to fluid and strong functional movement to roll through the entire spine from supine to sitting? From what I observe in the class participants and what I experience in myself, it's counterproductive to length and width and fluid breathing to practices this movement, I'm curios, and curios is good!
What degree on flexion is possible to the average human body between the 5 lumbar vertebrae?
Hi Nazarian, thank you for viewing this class and asking questions. Remember that the classes on Pilates Anytime are supposed to be FLOW classes, different from the workshops where you can give more assistance to someone with their movement, so the participants are approaching the movements in the best way they are able. Basically, in our biointelligent approach to flexion, we would allow gravity and breath to support the spine rolling up from head to tail....and this approach would protect what I call the release valves of the spine (those places we tend to collapse: C1, C7, T 10,11,12, and L5,S1). to be continued in the next section......
Hi Nazarian, here is the continuation of our conversation: When we learn how breath and gravity's support help us to move with a more naturally elongated spine that bends freely in multi directions, it changes our perception of ourselves as we move and age, Here is a video I posted recently on my Core Whisperer video blog with a response to Rebecca Leone's video posting "RollUp vs. Short Spine...Where Does the Weight Go?" // deo_blogs/core_whisperer.html#core1 . I look forward to hearing your experience of what we are discussing, xwendy
Hi Wendy,

Well, simply brilliant! I am inspired to follow with the Rumi quote and develope Alexander-Laties ??
Thanks so much for your dedication to demonstrating this with honest and practical clarity. So very embodied and it makes teaching and learning a pleasure!
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Hi Nazarian, yes, when we move beyond the right/wrong approach to movement, we become aware of listening for our body's guidance as to what it wants and needs....and we discover that we are part of the natural order of things. Nature heals and when we pay attention, we learn how to help ourselves...and when the time comes, how to die well, x
Hi Wendy Leblanc-Arbuckle thank you. I feel full body warmth, I feel my mind played too and this intelligent practise is something i am striving for and exploring more on my own and with my clients. The ankle circles at the top of the single leg roll up were just delicious and I really enjoyed the side lift with rotation/looking.
Thank you, Abbey, as you can see from this class, filmed in 2013, that I have been inviting us to explore embodied movement for many years. When we learn to allow our mindful, biointelligent wisdom to guide us, we open to an innate creativity that allows us to self-heal, and address problems from a whole body perspective! Have you explored any of my other classes, or tutorials? I'd love to hear your experience of them, xwendy
Hello Wendy! Thankyou for your message. Yes I have decided I am going to go on a Wonderful Wendy Wisdom tour and work myself through your classes to see what else I may glean (plenty I'm sure!). In little ol'NZ it takes time for things to filter through so I am so pleased to be entering this new realm and am also in my exploration coming into contact with like minded souls from different modalities so we can 'body geak' together and expand our practise!! I met Philip Beach a year or so ago and attended two of his workshops and have most recently attended an Anatomy Trains/Myofascial slings in Motion course both of which have fueled my enthusiasm! I am really enjoying filling my pie!!.
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