Mat for Scoliosis
Madeline Black
Class 1126

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Just finding this but so excited , love your work Madeline. the cues and clarity are great. Also Gabby moves so well! Knows her body
Hi! I’m wondering if there is any class/workshop/article about how to work with clients after fusion surgery for scoliosis?

Thank you
hi Stanislava Dr. Suzanne Martin's new book is a great source:
Can you help. Lately I feel as if I have a void of weakness onto op my right hip front side and back. I can feel it’s my weaker side anyway but I roll ups and side planks I really can’t seem to connect . What’s a good starting point .
What about when it’s someone in their 80s - is all the laying on your back stuff contraindicated? S curve 
Hi Elizabeth, age matters. Also, physical conditioning, movement experience, self body knowledge and more. You know your client, what is your understanding of her/him and what is appropriate. Your requires more consideration of the person in front of you. 
Trying to understand why a client with an s curve and in her 80s would have a hard time lifting her left leg up to a step- just trying to understand that biomechanically- little help please thanks! 
Hi Elizabeth, I am assuming that her pelvic-lumbar area is a right convexity presenting as a left higher hip, when she sits her wait is more on the right side, The oblique angle of her pelvis causes the hip joint not sit well in the socket. This inhibits good femoral motion in the joint (femur on pelvis), without this motion, it is quite difficult to lift the left leg. Maybe you can watch my Hip Connections workshop.
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Great! Love it - thank you very much Madeline!
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Thank you very much. Scoliose is complex to guide in a group class.
Clients come first in private sessions but it stays complex but also interesting.
After a lot of studying video's and follow courses i learned again  new approaches/cues and understand better. Great!
Paulinka Schrooten, Netherlands
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