Pilates for Scoliosis
Madeline Black
Workshop 1261

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Hi Ludovica, Books and examples are guidelines for us to understand, however you look at the person. Gaby’s weight is clearly on her right side due to her primary shift of her rib cage to the right. Remember the “boxes”, each person present with their weight more on one side, use your skill to see where that person favors their weight. 
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Madeline Black thanks again for your answer!!!
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I will watch this many times thank you for your research I met you at Tim’s yoga retreat in mexico like five years ago and didn’t realize what an accomplished movement artist/ scientist of sorts you are - I’m surprised you are a fan of ashtanga knowing all you know about the spine  would like to hear your thoughts on this perhaps in another forum thanks! 
Hi Elizabeth! Thank you. Nice to hear from you. Ashtanga, yes someday we could chat!
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Thank you Madeline, this video really helped me to understand so much. My daughter has a right thoracolumbar scoliosis, she has had surgery however. She now has two titanium rods and 19 screws in her spine, three ribs had to be broken to reset her body. Interestingly enough after a 50% correction of a 72 degree curve she grew 2 inches in height after her surgery. 
Would there be any other studies for post surgery scoliosis that could be recommended so that I may offer more help please? 
My daughter is now a student doing a Law degree at uni and spends much time sitting researching and reading.  I am a newly qualified Pilates teacher here in England.
Kindest Regards 
Hi Emma, check out Suzanne Martin's scoliosis book published by Handspring Publishing. I think this could be helpful.
I’ve watched this multiple times I’m still absorbing all of the information. I have an older gentleman who I believe has a lumbar scoliosis Left so tail wagging right would be helpful for him? He also has his right foot and leg chronically turned out and I try to cue him to straighten his right foot and leg straight forward but maybe I’m starting the cue from the wrong place and should be cueing the spine  toward midline which would help correct his leg and reduce left hip pain. It can all get very confusing! 
Hi Madeline many thanks for this extremely informative workshop. Can I ask if the ribs in Gabbie's case translate to the right which way is her spine rotating please ? Many thanks Rachel
I could watch this over and over so good! What about working with someone who is over 80 and has an S curve - it’s not like I can put her on her belly or side lying or on elbow on the reformer - what would an active Ager with severe scoliosis need to focus on - the hip glide and translation I can do but lots of these moves would be inaccessible thank you you’re brilliant! 
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