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Diane D. & Susan S.
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Loved this.  I wish I had known Ron Fletcher.
I really loved to hear about Ron and how much he really touched each of your life. I think it was beautiful to see how much he really cared for the individual and the practice. I also can see the impact he had on others and how much he influenced the pilates work.
The way you both spoke about Ron was very inspiring as a mover, dancer, and becoming a Pilates instructor. The work is as meaningful as you make it, and I can see the impact Ron had on you, as well as how it translates to the rest of us in the studio. 
This was absolutely lovely, it was so touching, educational, and inspiring to hear you two talk about Ron Fletcher. It is so incredible to see what a great teacher can do and I feel grateful to be learning from you Diane. It was also nice to learn a little bit more about Ron and the relationship he had with his students and the presence he carried. 
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