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Niedra Gabriel
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This is a hard question to respond to Jessica without seeing your body and seeing how your legs interrelate all together. If your ankles are stiff tendon stretch is great ( part of the foot work).
If you feel concerned with hurting yourself perhaps you should wait till you get to cover this with your coach, it will help your ankles done correctly, but if you are very stiff you need other exercises mastered before you introduce jumping board to the students program.
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Thanks Niedra! My ankles just don't flex back very far on a joint level - I was 'stretched' by doctors when I was young and nothing ever improved, so it's not a muscle length issue. I'm hypermobile is most of my joints except ankles and wrists, so I guess it balances out ;)
There is a way out of this Jessica, just know there is more to this than you know now. I really cannot answer more with out seeing your body myself, but regardless of whether I ever see you or someone else sees you with an answer or you read something or see a video that sheds light on your current condition, there is more to this is out there. When you want to find an answer it will come to you. Trust me - it will.
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When I want to find an answer? Wouldn't that be why I asked the question? Oh dear me...
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great foundation work. thank you for the tutorial!! :)
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Love her! I wish she had more jump board videos. She is so precise.
Glad you enjoyed this video Krista.
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Great video Niedro and Mandy! Thank you!
Thank you Candace, enjoy the jumping.
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This was so entertaining! Even demonstrators struggle with the same issues we do. Thanks for the good spirited tutorial! (Poor Mandy :) lol)
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