Creative Reformer Flow<br>Tom McCook<br>Class 1409

Creative Reformer Flow
Tom McCook
Class 1409

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this was a perfect class. I feel stretched and strengthened. your pace and on!
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thank you Tom McCook - terrific class - loved the side split/lunge variations with staggered foot positions- great for hip extension on the standing leg. Really enjoy your pace and cueing. Very calm and direct. Thanks again
Thank you Patti!
Happy to be of service and I appreciate your feedback!
I really enjoyed this class, also always enjoy your teaching style. 
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Dear Denee D,
Thank you for your inspiring feedback!
Thank you Tom, This is such a great workout!
Donna V, You're so welcome!! All the best and enjoy!!
Andrea Constantine
I love this class. It ticks all the boxes. It’s perfect for me. I plan to do it regularly. Tom, you’re my favorite instructor. 
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