Matwork Leading to the Bow<br>Elizabeth Larkam<br>Class 1496

Matwork Leading to the Bow
Elizabeth Larkam
Class 1496

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A pleasure to hear from you Annette! I'm so glad Pilates Anytime keeps us connected. You may also enjoy my PA piece, 'Tribute to Daphne'. She recently celebrated a birthday. The two of us are life-long partners. My travels this year are more international than East Coast. However, I always appreciate invitations to teach My Best wishes to you and your son.
Cara Elizabeth le tue lezioni sono sempre una guida speciale per la mia crescita professionale., grazie
Guerrina (bergamo) Italy
Thank you so much Guerrina. Hope to see you in Venice this December for Pilates on Tour!
Marta M
Amazing class! amazing cues,thank you
Alexandra L
This class sequence was nothing short of divine Elizabeth. I was aware of you gently and mercilessly moving my body, not unlike a chicken in a rotisserie, from front to side to back and repeat as you opened me into extension beyond what I thought I was capable of. Thank you it is a pleasure seeing you, listening to you and studying with you. Alexandra
Lauren B
What an enjoyable class - smooth, precise, poetic...the delivery is performative, which could detract from authenticity but i found creates an effect both nurturing and somewhat hypnotic...and leads one deeper into the practice - yay!
A good class, I love your cuing, Elizabeth. This one was a little tough for me, sacrum-wise and I'm a little surprised it was rated level 1/2. I'll save it for a time when I have less sacrum pain. Thanks!
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wonderful class

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this is the way I  would be able to teach pilates !!!! thank for sharing!!!!
Thank you very much La Porta! All good wishes for your Pilates Practice.
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