Baby Arc Release<br>Debora Kolwey<br>Class 1559

Baby Arc Release
Debora Kolwey
Class 1559

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Debora Kolwey
I am so glad you enjoy this work. Thank you!
The suspension of the pelvis using the arms, levitating the legs...great!
Absolutly fantastc ! Great cues ! Love this work ! Thank you !
thanks deborah, what an eloquent and elegant video.
lovely after a long day and too much driving.....
hope all's good with you!
Doing this workout really helped me feel and understand how to better use the arc on my body and hopefully on others. Using the upper body gave such a different feeling to the lower body... the support! Thank you for this! Now on to your other classes!
Debora Kolwey
So pleased you are enjoying these videos. Yes, it's all about support. I look forward to going back to Pilates Anytime this coming April and having more fun with the crew. My New Year's resolution is to get into the bloopers video haha!

Take care,
Great cueing! Great progressions! Thank you!
Wow explanations spot on and simply delicious thank - you
Debora Kolwey
It's so great to know that people are still watching and enjoying the films.  So glad you like it!!!
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So wonderful to use the barrel.  As a retired Pilates instructor, the barrel is a piece of apparatus that I just don't use.  It was great to find your Video, Debora.  My body feels so great.  Your cues are so easy to understand.  THANKS!
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