Roll Over<br>Kristi Cooper<br>Exercise 1426

Roll Over
Kristi Cooper
Exercise 1426

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Theresa makes me want to ask all kinds of questions! If you're a right handed computer user it may be as simple as stretching your forearm/hand. It could also be shoulder/pec or even bicep tightness that pulls your forearm up. It could be something else too! Maybe try placing your forearm on a small folded towel to see what the support shows you in terms of tightness elsewhere. In other words, what relaxes when you fill the space of your forearm? You may not want to actually roll over like this, but set yourself up as if (legs up etc..) and see what you learn. Good luck! 
Hello, I am working with an older man who has trouble with the roll over.  I had him watch the video.  He can bring his legs over and back, but can't touch the floor.  That's OK.  His bigger problem is in coming back down, he feels a pull up through his shoulders and neck.  He can't bring his legs down without lifting his head and neck up.  Any suggestions to loosen that connection between his lower back and upper back?
I have a very hard time with this exercise and the video is helping me a lot. Thank you.
I am roll over illiterate! No matter if I'm on mat or reformer, I cannot get my hips up and over. This video is inspiring and I'll keep at it but honestly, it's me not you. ;) LOL.
So just a dozen  years later --2023-- and the NIH and CDC  report that  we will soon be 50% obese and 224.2%  Morbidly Obese!!  So untrue!  We are now 65%  obese.  Looks like  Roll Over-- and the 3rd exercise--  is not going to  be  your fav.
Hi Joan Breibart ! Indeed some exercises aren't suitable for all (for a number of reasons). Let's hope a regular practice of Pilates affords everyone more opportunities. 
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