Postnatal Return to the Mat
Leah Stewart
Class 1504

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Great class! Thanks Leah!
Fantastic! I think the way you are teaching is just amazing, your classes are among the best on this site. I integrated a lot of the moves from your pre-natal classes into my daily routine (including the circular standing movements from your standing pre-natal class while tooth brushing
This class was excellent too, strong and graceful movements in a perfect pace. Thank you!!! I hope the will be a lot more to come.
I loved this workout thank you
Leah, you have helped me regain control of my abdominals and your post natal series has been a great way for me to reconnect with myself and feel strong and positive about my changed body. Thank you!
Leah, do you have any more post natal videos you could share?
Thank you Leah, this was a great class! It looks so simple and yet I found it really challenging which is great. Thank you again.
I just loved it. It´s been a year since I had my little boy and still feeling some pelvic pain hear and there. Please post more? I loved the adapted versions of Pilates exercises. Thank you.
Recovering from baby number 3 now and this is just what I needed! I LOVED the arm work! My upper body gets so tight and weak! I now feel open chested and strengthened! :) I also LOVED the variations of the saw and rocking! So appropriate for this stage of life! Thanks Leah! ;)
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