Mat to Improve Breathing<br>Madeline Black<br>Class 1570

Mat to Improve Breathing
Madeline Black
Class 1570

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Thank you Madeline, I really noticed the softening of my ribcage for breathing by the end of the class. In the beginning breathing practices, are we using a lateral breath (into the sides of the ribcage) or an abdominal breath?
Madeline Black
Hi Mia, breathing is neither lateral breath or abdominal breath. Proper inhalation is the expansion of the diaphragm three dimensionally, with ribcage motion which is different in the lower ribs, mddle ribs and upper ribs. The exhalation is the redoming of the diaphragm and ribs returning to their starting position, more relaxed. By breathing in a 3D way, will shoftern the fron of your ribs which is the best results! So great that you felt and noticed that. Hope this helps.
Thank you so much Madeline. We are having a particularly humid summer and my asthma has been worse than normal. I happened upon your breathwork by "coincidence" today:) Thank you for this important work. I have been wishing for "Pilates for Asthma" work and it was here all along.

Thanks Pilates Anytime for showcasing new workouts on the home page every day so I can discover new teachers and new help for my poor body!

Love you all!
I really loved this mat class. it's so perfect for all my "all day long sitting" clients and others !!! Thank you ! I can't wait to see you soon in London for the Balanced Body Tour .
Cynthia G
Thank you for this detailed breathing workshop. The movements/exercises before the prone work gave a point of reference and helped greatly.  This is SO relevant now with COVID and doctors suggesting we all lie on our fronts and get used to breathing in this position.  Having done the other work, it is less stressful especially for older folk who dont get into that prone position much any more.  Always great thanks for giving and sharing.  Thanks Pilates Anytime
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