Hip and Back Pain
Brent Anderson
Workshop 1479

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Many Years later. Watching it again. Such a great class! Thank you!
interesting work I enjoyed it and it is worth the money and very clearly laid out and I love the recaps
Dear Brent, Would you explain why using the safety chain on Roll Down Bar with springs from below is such an important?
Michelle K ~ The safety chain with the springs from the bottom is important because if the bar slips, the safety chain will catch it. If it's not there, the load of the spring could cause the bar to hit the client in the face (if they are lying beneath it). I hope this helps!
You are an amazing teacher I get something out of this each time I watch it and absorb more. I also notice that you use the verbiage “slip in” TWICE in the video - is that really necessary? I think as a client I would find this discourteous and feel compelled to express that with respect. Thank you for your knowledge and thanks for listening to my suggestion that you change that particular cue. Namaste. 
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