Reformer for Dancers<br>Diane Diefenderfer<br>Class 1796

Reformer for Dancers
Diane Diefenderfer
Class 1796

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Natalia C
I loved learning the dancer exercises today in class on what you can do in a reformer. It is nice to see it on here as well in a class setting that provides a flow and transition. This inspires me for future classes for dancers I hope to one day teach!
Simona K
Even though I am not a dancer, I enjoyed learning the different variations for dancers especially the "straddle" work.  I loved the arm work and exercises given on the standing platform.  I like the emphasis on control in all movements. 
Moorea P
I love the emphasis on back and keeping breath in the back as a dancer. I also liked the straddle work as well it seems like it would really be great for my external rotators.
Gianna  A
This was a great class! The straddle external rotator strengthening exercises were nice between the stomach massage series! The rowing front version was so nice to see! Its definitely something I want to try when I have time in a studio!
Ashley O
This was a lovely class to watch. I especially loved the standing platform exercises. This would be a great class for dancers on their off season for upkeep, or even non dancers!
Coral S
I really enjoyed this class. The standing arabesque exercise looks like such a great inner thigh exercise and finding the correct arabesque alignment, which is difficult even just standing on the ground. Can really see how it translates to a ballet class.
Katie W
I loved this class and would love to try the deeper stretch in this version of Rowing Front. I also appreciated the numerous mentions of body awareness and control such as keeping legs at a true perpendicular and being sure not to over turn out throughout the exercises. I think these are great reminders, especially for dancers!
Anna H
Overall, I liked how you kept the classical exercises but made modifications to target a dancer audience. It kept the integrity of the movement. I also appreciated that you pointed out how some dancers would approach certain exercises with their  hyper flexibility and went on to show how it needed to be done. Keeps dancers safe!
Emma M
Amazing class!! I loved all the variations during single leg and footwork. The straddle work was also a nice addition. All the cues were really great and I appreciated all the reminders regarding alignment and breathe. 
Lauren S
I felt like a ballerina when doing this class, dancing on the reformer! So elegant and always great reminders to pull the ribcage in. 
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