Flowing Advanced Reformer
Brett Howard
Class 1812

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Red faced and sweaty after this class, thank you so much! I'm curious as to why the Monkey stretch after Stomach massage is controversial??
Wow. Amazing. You kicked my ass and i loved it. Thank you :)
I love this... great cues. I wish there were more session focused on the average man we see as clients and not having former dancers as the clients. Most of my male clients have very tight hips and hammies, for example...
wow!!!! in love with this class, Brett is a gift!!

Endüstride egzersiz çeşitliliği mükemmel ancak üçe sarılmak gibi aşırı hızlı ve tekrarlanan egzersizler var.
"that's not how you learned it" hahahahaha :))
brilliant and funny teaching! thank you Brett!
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