Teaser Tutorial<br>Wendy L.<br>Tutorial 1724

Teaser Tutorial
Wendy L.
Tutorial 1724

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Continuing my response to Sook......Keep your knees bent at first, so you can find your internal support to curl up, then play with extending 1 leg or both legs without losing your internal lift. Have FUN and be playful and curious as the deep intelligence of your body teaches you!
Check back with me in the Spring for more about Teaser on the Reformer! xwendy
Thanks Wendy for such a detailed gracious reply! I'm definitely going to try the hand weights. I can't wait for the new tutorial.
Wendy, what lovely surprise to watch your tutorial, seeing my friend lLaurel looking gorgeous, and seeing ehat you taught me with swan on the caddy translate so beautifully here too.... Internal lift, waterfall down the back,etc.. Thank you for the great cues .
You are so welcome, Sunni! It was so much fun exploring with Laurel at PA, and exploring swan with you in my workshop at last year's PMA. As you are saying, once we are able to "sense" the support of gravity as a partner - Down the Back, from our shoulder blades waterfalling on the exhale to our sitting bones/tailbone, along the back of the leg to tripod of our feet......internal lift naturally happens, Up the Front of our bodies from the inner ankle to the inner thigh/front of the pelvic floor, along the front of the spine to the inner ear! What is exciting is that we are not just saying great cues,....we are getting in touch with how our bodies really function in the gravitational field, which relates to EVERY MOVEMENT in LIFE! Isn't that what Joseph Pilates wanted us to do through his teachings when he implored us to "Return to Life"!
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I love you Wendy Leblanc-Arbuckle ❤️ Finding my backing!!
Esmeralda M
Ciao, Wendy! Thanks for this. It brings back so many memories. 
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