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Thank you, Maria! This was very helpful. I currently teach at a studio I don't own and want to market myself. I appreciate the tips!
Thanks Jessica. This was really helpful. I created a page and published it however I would like to Verify the page. It states that it will show up higher in search results. I don't have a physical space for my business because I teach at different places. I had them use a phone verification but it doesn't look like they will accept a cell phone and we do not have a land line at our home. Any thoughts?
Thanks Maria, that was a great workshop. really informative and everything was explained so clearly.
Would you know how to change ownership of a page? As in transfer the business page from one facebook account to another, if a new person was taking over the page management? Thanks..
Annette ~ Than you for your forum post. We are glad to hear that you are enjoying this workshop. I believe the easiest way to do this is to use the Business Manager. This way you can change add admins to the group and an admin can move the person who is leaving from the page. It is also helpful for keeping everything (i.e. ads, page, etc.) in one place. We currently use this to run our Facebook page and it works well for us. I hope this helps!
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Hi Gia, thanks or the facebook tips.. ill try them out...
very interesting and illuminating, thank you Maria
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