Hip Extensors and Flexors<br>Christi Idavoy<br>Class 1847

Hip Extensors and Flexors
Christi Idavoy
Class 1847

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Neville , be mindful of all unilateral (one leg) movements and reciprocal leg movement, like scooter on the reformer and scissors. I cant recall all of the details of all the classes but whenever there is a movement that has the legs moving in alternate directions keep the range very small and the load very light or avoid them all together if you are having symptoms. I had that during late stage pregnancy and know how painful it can be! Hope you are feeling and moving well! Thank you!
I’m just getting back into shape after three very difficult years with aging parents and life transitions: spent too much time sitting in hospital rooms and at the computer in between. I was eager to try this for my hips because even my gait is off now and I’m working with physical therapy to address my hips, knees, IT bands, core, back flexibility, glutes, quads & inner thighs. Ugh!

My hips feel great but I would vote to make this a Level 2 class when compared to many of the other Level 1classes I’ve taken.
I didn’t have the core strength or the control I needed for some of the movements, especially some on the short box & the last movement, especially.

Once I’m in better shape, I’ll be eager to try this class again.
Christine T
That was great! Thanks!!!
An eye opening class! Thank you very much!!!👍🏻🙏🏻
Beautiful mindful cues! Fantastic class! I do agree that it may be a 1/2 level.. as I would not typically teach my beginner level one front splits depending their balance and confidence. I just love love love your classes though.
Always lovely to have your wonderful teaching style. My hips feel great with the deliberate and “depthful” delivery. Thank you🌺
It was good but although it says no props you still need a box.
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